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 Customer Service Concierge Program

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Before a resident arrives at our center, our Resident Service Liaison or designated Admissions staff are working to ensure a smooth transition into our care. We recognize that it’s the little things that make a big difference in reducing stress and enhancing customer satisfaction during this emotional time. With our Customer Service Concierge Program, we strive to help new patients feel welcome and at ease from the very beginning. Whether a stay is for Short-Term Rehab or Long-Term Care, we appreciate the thought and consideration that goes into choosing a center for one’s care. We put that same level of attention into assisting new patients and their families through the transition process.

From a warm greeting to a welcome room awaiting a residents arrival, to concierge check-ins, every detail will show our residents how much we appreciate them selecting us at their center of choice. That level of appreciation is what residents can expect throughout their stay with us.

Our Customer Concierge Program:

  • Ensures rooms are ready and equipped for patient needs
  • Prepares staff for patient arrival, including communication of special conditions or requirements
  • Greets new patients and their families and assists through the admissions process
  • Facilitates introductions to caregiver staff and departments
  • Conduct a post-admission satisfaction survey to evaluate the initial days of the stay and promptly address any questions or concerns
  • Provides daily concierge check-ins for the first few weeks of the stay to ensure satisfaction and confirm that any requests are met
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