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Dedicated Memory Care Unit

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Quaboag is proud to offer a true, dedicated memory care unit with every element carefully chosen for the best interests of our resident population:

  • Staff trained specifically in dementia care
  • Design elements that create a peaceful soothing environment
  • Menu selections that support nutrition and hydration
  • Therapeutic activities that involve and connect

You can be confident that your loved one will be treated as an individual with a unique background and perspective.

Care Services and Specially Trained Staff

Our memory care unit’s services and care designed specifically for those living with memory loss and cognitive deficits who require a higher level of specialized care. Our 24-hour in-house care team, along with ancillary providers such as Geri-psych services and hospice agencies, provide guidance, assistance and both custodial and skilled care services as needed to maintain dignity and achieve the best quality of life.

Not only do our caregivers understand the unique challenges of caring for dementia patients, but our entire staff has completed the CMS-approved Hand in Hand Dementia Care program for person-centered and habilitation care approaches and interactions. Every staff member your loved one may encounter – from housekeeping and dietary to certified nursing assistants and nurses – understands successful strategies for interacting with memory care patients.

The Right Therapeutic Environment

We’ve designed our memory care unit to maximize successful days. Recognizing that residents with dementia are particularly sensitive to their environment, we pay careful attention to environmental details, striving for a secure, supportive setting.

Examples of some environmental considerations for the unit include:

  • Color choices and design elements to reduce confusion and assist in navigation
  • Non-reflective floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Limited use of the overhead paging system
  • Gently rocking or gliding chairs for reassuring comfort
  • Multi-purpose room for dining, family visits, group, and individual activities
  • Families encouraged to decorate resident rooms in accordance with personal preferences

More Than Just Meals

Our dining program strives for an inviting environment with appropriate cues and minimal distractions to support optimum nutrition and independence. Our goal is to encourage appropriate dining and hydration for the best possible nutrition. Some of our nutritional program features include:

  • Reminders of approaching mealtime for smoother transitions and verbal cues during mealtime as appropriate
  • Soft dinner music to enhance the dining experience
  • Dinnerware is chosen for color contrast
  • Ample time for leisurely dining
  • Adaptive equipment such as built-up utensils for maximum independence
  • Healthy snacks and portable options to support appropriate nutritional intake

Activities Programming

Memory care residents benefit from a structured day. Activities programming offered seven days a week provides opportunities for resident interaction and connection with a variety of meaningful choices such as:

  • Exercise and Stretching
  • Social Events
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Pet therapy
  • Gardening
  • Occupational and household-related tasks offered when appropriate to maintain abilities and connect with past life history

Activities are developed based on the residents’ level of participation, pace, special interest, and background. Participation is always voluntary and dual and parallel activity programs take place within the unit when space allows. Individual therapeutic programming is made available when appropriate for residents who are unable to join in group activities as well.

Download a PDF of our April memory care unit activity calendar.

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